Monday, 15 October 2012

College application essay topics to avoid

College application essay topics to avoid can be found on the internet. It is advisable to go the list of college application essay topics to avoid before brain storming for your own. The college application essay topics to avoid will save you a lot of trouble so that you only choose workable topics. Most of the topics in the college application essay topics to avoid category have never gotten anyone a successful admission into their desired program.
College application essay examples will give you ideas about the best topics to use. The college application essay examples will also help you to know how to answer some of the essay questions. After going through them you can identify an area of interest. However, do not present the college application essay examples as your own work, only use them as reference material to help you come up with the best original work.
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When choosing a topic for your college application essay, you have to consider several factors:
  • The topic has to be relevant to the program you are applying for. If for example you are applying to the school of medicine and you have been requested to write about yourself, you should write about why you are passionate about medicine. It will be wrong for you to write an essay about how you love playing the violin and surfing. Although you can mention your hobbies within the essay, try as much as possible to have a bias towards the program you are applying for.
  • The way you frame your topic is also important. There are some ideas that are great but the framing of the title makes them wrong for a college application essay. It is important to read through the good topics that have made other applications successful and compare them with those that have been considered bad. After doing this, then you will understand the dos and don’ts as far as framing a topic is concerned.
  • Avoid topics that are too wordy. Your topic should not be a whole paragraph that can be mistaken to be the introduction. It should be precise so that with just a quick glance, the reader can know what your essay is all about. A topic that is too is normally also very hard to understand because the writer is beating around the bush other than getting straight to the point.

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