Monday, 15 October 2012

Common college application essay

Most of the samples you come across as you are doing research will be common college application essay examples. The trick is to use these common college application essay samples and add a touch of creativity to make them the best. Submitting a common college application essay means that your chances of getting noticed is split into half. This is not a chance you want to take when you so badly want to be enrolled into a program of your choice. A common college application essay may have nothing wrong with it, but when you want to market yourself you have to do extra.
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It is advisable to seek college application essay tips before you start writing your college application essay. College application essay tips will help you to think outside the box. College application essay tips are what will help you to come up with an essay that is not common or ordinary. The college application essay tips will give you creative ideas on how to approach the essay question or prompts.
Here are a few tips that will help you to come up with an essay that is not so common:
  • Interesting topic
An interesting topic will attract the attention of the admission panel. It makes someone curious to read the contents of your essay as opposed to a common one. You can have an ordinary idea like writing an essay about yourself. However, you do not have to use the title ‘An essay about myself’. Be creative and come up with a title that will make your essay look interesting. By going through essays done by others, you can come up with a great idea for the title of your essay.
  • An intriguing introduction
Te introduction is usually the first paragraph(s) of the application essay. It is known that an interesting introduction will make the reader want to read more. You will experience the same as you are going through samples of college application essays written by others. Those that start with an interesting introduction will make you want to read further.
  • A touch of humor
A touch of humor also makes your application essay an interesting read that will keep the reader glued to the end. However ensure they are smart jokes and do not take it too far otherwise it will make your work seem to lack seriousness. Apart from humor if you are talking about a tough experience you went through you can evoke the emotion of the reader by making them feel empathy for you. Evoking the emotions of the admission panel will sure attract attention to your application.

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