Monday, 15 October 2012

Successful college application essay

Getting a successful college application essay can be easily achieved if you get the necessary tips and apply them. Anyway there are thousands of people who have been able to write a successful college application essay before, so why not you. However, remember that there is that person whose essay was not considered a successful college application essay. It is therefore important to learn how to come up with a successful college application essay so that we do not fall under the unfortunate category.
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Although there are some essays that are not good, there are others that fall under the category of worst types of college application essays. The category of worst types of college application essays is definitely one you do not want to find yours in. However, most of the essays that fall under the worst types of college application essays simply overlooked some basic rules about academic writing. In order not to find your essay among those ranked as the worst types of college application essays there are a number of points you will have to consider.
  • Your essay should always follow the basic outline of academic writing. Thus, it must have an introduction, body and conclusion. These parts all play an important role and must appear in this order. For example, you cannot start your essay with the body and then go to the introduction. The parts have to flow systematically.
  • You essay should be completely void of grammatical, spelling or punctuation mistakes. There is no room for such mistakes in academic writing. Making such mistakes will make you seem incompetent. The reader may not take seriously what you have written if you have done so in wrong language. More so, if you have misspelled and misused words, the meaning you are trying to pass across may be distorted in the process.
  • The length of the essay is mostly dictated by the essay question. However in the event that it is not provided, do not write a very long essay. This does not mean that your essay should be too short unless specified. You can avoid being lengthy by ensuring that you are very precise in the language that you use. Being too wordy makes it seem as though you are not sure of what you are saying and it will also make your work appear clumsy.
  • Choose a subject matter that is relevant to your application. This mostly applies when a title or subject has not been provided. It is advisable to choose a topic that will show the reader you interest in the program being applied for.
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