Monday, 15 October 2012

Sample college application essay

A sample college application essay can really help you to learn a variety of things about essay writing for college application. There are a variety of sources where you can get a sample college application essay. A good sample college application essay can be found for free on the internet. Unlike a library, the internet is a good source for a sample college application essay because you are able to sample a wide array unlike when using text books.
College application essay questions can also be sampled online. Looking at sample college application essay questions will help you know what to expect when you have to write your own. The college application essay questions can also give you tips on what to write about in case you have not been given the subject matter to write about. Most college application essay questions require students to come up with an essay that tells the admissions panel about who they are. They want then to talk about their achievements, ambitions and why they want to join that particular college.
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When you go through the sample essays for college application, you will realize a number of important things. In order for your paper to impress the admissions panel, your essay paper will have to observe these. They include:
  • The format
Your paper has to have the appropriate format for all academic writing. There has to be an introduction at the beginning of your essay. The introduction will give the reader the gist of what your essay is all about. The introduction is followed by a body which is the main part of the essay and finally the conclusion.
  • The mechanics
You have to apply excellent writing skills when you are writing an essay for college application. Your grammar, spelling and punctuation have to be very thorough. Be as meticulous as possible. Proofread your work as many times as necessary to ensure that you have not made any such mistakes. Good papers have been disregarded because of having such small mistakes that can be easily avoided.
  • The tone
Depending on the program you are applying for and the subject matter being discussed, choose your tone appropriately. You do not want to seem to have taken the essay very lightly by using a relaxed and almost informal tone when you were supposed to sound serious. For example an application essay for medical or law school is not expected to sound the same as an application for school of creative arts and drama.

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